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Iraqi Dinar Pumpers Ali Dinar Daddy TerryK GetTeam Okie RV Scam

Posted by Nutrition Dude on January 9, 2011

I know I am off subject again but I was on a conference call tonight for the Get Team and was completely embarrassed at their trailer park unprofessionalism.

The call was a joke.

Setting a bunch of millionaire wannabees aside, here is my take on the Dinar:

Ali might me an agent for Iraq. His mission might be to suck as many American Dollars as possible on the sale of Dinar from Iraq.

Possibly he and others found a bunch of dinar pumpers to get websites, blogs, forums, chat rooms and conference calls expressly for the purpose of making the American public purchase Dinars with the anticipation that the dinar was going to revalue at any moment. Secondly, these same pumpers have been earning commissions on all of the financial advisors telling the holders of the Dinar how to hide the potential cash in after the dinar revalues from the IRS with offshore corporations and banks.

They have been successful as I personally know of many Dinar holders that have spent thousands of dollars setting up the offshore accounts.

There are those like MED who seem to be a voice of reason in the world of dinar speculation, but if I felt the Dinar was going to revalue any day for a huge personally windfall, would I be keeping all of my retail Dinar sold on my website so that I might become a Billionaire in the next day or two, or would I continue to sell it at the going rate on my non-biased web forum?

Even though I read Dinar Daddy every day, what a putz. His technology cant keep up with the data demand and he comes across like Ali is feeding him dog food every day for his pumping. If you are trying to communicate facts why even have a rumor section. I look at people like TerryK and Okie pulling crap out of their ass on a daily basis. I am continually amazed at the fact Dinar Sheeple keep buying their crap.


The revaluing of the Dinar is like trying to figure out the day Christ is coming back. Speaking of which, as a Christian, I am embarrassed at the individuals pumping Dinar in the name of Christ. Shame on you. Prayer or not, shame on you.

Dinar sellers have made money on the spread just as a number of sellers will also be buying the dinar back at a profit.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I spent over 20 years as a white collar fraud investigator, I hope the Iraqi Dinar does revalue. If it comes in at anything over 10 cents, sell and thank your creator. Don’t buy into those telling you they have special intelligence that this will come in at $6.00 This is total BS. Maybe med is right and Iraq is not going to LOP and will come in at .86. This would be a huge return.

Personally, though I hope for the best, I think the Dinar will come in at even money with no real increase in value and the sellers will turn into buyers, making more money on the cash in.


9 Responses to “Iraqi Dinar Pumpers Ali Dinar Daddy TerryK GetTeam Okie RV Scam”

  1. Mike said


    So what does this have to do with Sundance, or anything related to this forum topic? No doubt, not one person has gotten their predictions right to this point on Iraqi dinar, so the verdict is out until eventual revalue does happen, then we can all go back and see who was the last one who guessed right. LOL

    Success to all,

  2. Chad said

    I hate using the word scam when it comes to Dinar, however I feel those individuals you listed are all in bed together, somehow. First of all, they always have a source. The source they are talking about is always a bogus name or cannot be identified. This is a major red flag to me, because any Joe Smith off the streets can claim to know something.

    There is no doubt about it (in my personal opinion) that these people are receiving a kick back to pump the dinar sales from these sites. If you go to, not only does he have a banner ad for Dinar Trade but he also offers a promotion code by using Dinar Daddy. This says kickback in big BOLD letters to me. To top it off…and unless I’m just looking at the wrong section of the site, no one is able to post comments on site other than who is “ok’d” by the moderator. There was a forex comment made by shellbell87 that spoke about her source saying it was true. Well why did shellbell get to write on there, and why can’t anyone else comment on that. It’s because they want you to believe this is true so you go buy dinar. Meanwhile it’s probably a fake name made by the moderator.

    Do your own research and listen to those who you trust. It may not be a scam that the dinar revalues or simply increases in value over time, but all the data they pull together is made up jargon.

    It’s frustrating to hear predictions every single day, and none of them have come to hold true. If you haven’t invested yet, I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but do it on your own research not because of the morons on these calls. They are network marketers who are boosting sales and probably their pockets. Don’t fall into the trap!

  3. Nutrition Dude said

    So Sunday has passed and things are quiet. I feel in my heart this shoebox investment will mature this year. I just can’t get over the predictions that are always wrong, even from Med who I respect.

    When I use the word Scam, I am not calling the sale of Dinar a scam but what the web based EXPERTS are doing with this opportunity.

    Sign up for my mailing list. Become a VIP member. Set up an offshore bank account. Hire this attorney. Hire that accountant. Buy my E Book. Buy Dinar here and use this code. ETC….

    • Chad said

      Well I totally agree with you. I feel bad for the people who continually buy into their b/s. If you do decide to buy dinar, don’t get on these calls hoping to gather serious intel. All of their intel is pretty bogus in my opinion, and like you mentioned in your first post: Not one prediction has been right. It would be one thing if they have said something that actually happened over the last 4 months. I’ve listened to the calls, haven’t been a negative person at all, but I’m finally fed up. I’m just wondering how much money they are making for pumping this investment.

  4. Dale said

    I think the “Get Team” are making fun of people who are trying to do something to change their lives. Three guys have pictures in costumes AND sell Elvis radios? When they were putting together this degrading website, I can see them at a table talking about how they will dress up in Mexican costumes, sell Elvis stuff and the dinar people will believe it. It’s like saying if these people investing in dinar are that mindless why don’t we sell them Elvis items and even the San Franciso bridge. I believe the dinar will RV but these guys are laughing at people. I will not go to that site. A freind of mine told me about it and in less that 30 seconds I figured these guys out.
    Up to you, put don’t feed the fools as they will only laugh more at everyone. They are making fun of you and all who read their nonsense.
    Just my opinion. But in case no one noticed but me, I thought I would comment.

  5. poohbear said

    The “dinar daddy” site appears to be down, as well…need we wonder why?

    I haver a friend who keeps sending me “great news” most of which consists of okie’s predictions. I feel so foolish, sometimes.

  6. Liar Tracker said

    I spent lot of time , listening to those clever crooks. I finaly gave up. Yes, its all lie whatever they tell. Don’t waste your time ,money and energy. If you already have Iraqi dinars, you will know when real RV happens.

  7. Anonymous said

    god has a speacial place for lairs,/pumpers——-no vigins there.

  8. VP BHOLA said


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